Setting the Default to Open

Advocating change in scholarly communications for the benefit of research and society

SPARC Europe Strategy

SPARC Europe's strategy until 2020 describes our vision, mission, taget groups and key goals.
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Highlighted Resource

Analysis of Open Data and Open Science Policy in Europe 

shows us an analysis of a broad selection of national Open Data and Open Science policies in Europe.
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Call to Action

Calling European Open Data scholars & scientists

Why is Open Data important in your field? What are you doing with your data?
What still needs to be done to provide more Open Data to benefit scholarship, science, industry and society? 
We would like to hear from researchers and research managers who are consistently sharing their openly.
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Latest NEWS


SPARC Europe produces its own Open Science and Open Access policy-making and advocacy resources.

It also promotes other key resources that support the European Open Science and Open Access policy maker and advocate.

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SPARC Europe is a membership organisation. Annual membership fees fund our work.

If you support what we do, and are not yet a member, please contact us or join us here.


SPARC Europe highlights key events in Europe that promote Open Science, incl. Open Access.

You can also post events here.

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