Bioline International, an open access e-publishing platform, is seeking new members and supporters

Bioline International is currently seeking new members and supporters to sustain and expand the project for the long term. Interested? Read the letter from Whitney Kemble, Advancement Research Librarian, to all members of SPARC in Europe here below:

Dear SPARC Europe Community,

I am a librarian working with Bioline International, which is an open access e-publishing platform currently supporting over 70 scholarly journals from 15 countries. We are collaborating with colleagues in developing countries in making their research openly accessible worldwide. We believe that bridging the existing global knowledge divide is beneficial to all of us. Will you join us?

We are currently seeking new members and supporters to sustain and expand the project for the long term. For a library membership fee of $500 or a consortia membership fee of $5000 per year, you can help to ensure that this valuable, but often neglected, body of research is available to your faculty and students.

Your membership fee will go towards the cost of our daily operation, including document conversion, metadata enhancement, usage tracking, technology upgrades and user support. With your contribution we will also be able to incorporate additional journals, and more than 70 of them have applied to join Bioline over the last year.

Please contact Whitney to get the new brochure and please consider joining Bioline International as a member or as a sponsor.  A membership enrollment can also be sent to you for your convenience. An invoice will follow the receipt of your completed enrollment form, or you can subscribe through Swets for convenient automatic invoicing.

To find out more about Bioline International and our membership drive, please see:


Thank you,

Whitney Kemble

Whitney Kemble
Advancement Research Librarian, Bioline International
c/o Library, University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Scarborough ON Canada M1C 1A4
Phone: 1-416-208-2937
Email: or


* PLEASE NOTE: If your institution has a special interest in open access, International development or biomedical research, please note that we are also looking for some special short-term sponsorships while we make the switch to a membership model. Your generosity in this regard will be deeply appreciated and suitably acknowledged. We would be delighted to discuss this with you.

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