Facts in Open Access Publishing, Berlin, 13 January 2011

SPARC Europe wishes to draw your attention on the SOAP Symposium to be held in Berlin next January.

The symposium will present the final results of the SOAP Project, which include a survey of drivers and barriers for publishing in open access journals (50,000 responses were noted; see the preliminary results here) and an in-depth study of the current landscape of OA journals [for preliminary results click here).

SPARC Europe consider these results to be of great relevance to our network and therefore, strongly encourage you to join this event and get an insight of what authors want and what publishers offer. You will be given unique and valuable facts about OA publishing and publishing behaviour.

The symposium is targeted to publishers, researchers, and librarians who wish to better understand the demands of OA journals across all disciplines and worldwide. Further information, the programme, the speakers, and the registration – free but mandatory – can be found at

SPARC Global