Lars Bjørnshauge challenged attendees to push for real change at the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference

“…Lars Bjørnshauge, director of SPARC Europe, challenged attendees to push for real change. He used the language of Jimi Hendrix via Bob Dylan’s rendition of “All Along the Watchtower” to make his point: “[T]here’s too much confusion here.” While his musical reference added a lighthearted note to his presentation, his message was stern: The traditional system of scholarly communication simply does not work, and it is time for stakeholders to aim to radically change the system of scholarly communication.

“It has become more and more obvious for more and more stakeholders that the still dominant system of scholarly communication and publishing based on subscription barriers and reuse restrictions does not work. It simply does not adequately serve research, higher education, societies, and the people.”…”

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