The Open Access Citation Advantage Service

The OpCit project has for many years kept up to date a list of studies on whether or not there is a citation advantage for Open Access articles. That project has now completed and the list is no longer being managed. SPARC Europe is pleased to maintain the list henceforth and has brought it up to date.

In 2010, a summary of all the studies to date was published. This, too, has been brought up to date, and the current summary table lists all studies, some comparative details of their methodologies, and their findings.

We know the OpCit project’s work was highly valued and SPARC Europe is pleased to continue to capture that value for users.

Total number of studies so far 70
Studies that found a citation advantage 46
Studies that found no citation advantage 17
Studies that were inconclusive, found non-significant data or measured other
things than citation advantage for articles

List of studies to date

Summary of results of studies

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