What you can do: Recommendations for research libraries
  • Appoint a Scholarly Communications Manager who can make the case for Open Access throughout the entire university
  • Lobby for an Open Access policy at your research institution
  • Establish an Institutional Repository (IR) and distribute guidelines for administrators and researchers
  • Connect or merge the Institutional Repository (IR) with the Current Research Information System (CRIS) and allow researchers to submit the metadata for their articles and books only once
  • Know and nurture your champions in your research and administrative communities
  • Build services on your IRs or CRIs that show usage stats, generate publication lists, or showcase the organisation’s research as seen with Edinburgh’s Research Explorer
  • Optimise work processes for metadata ingest and full text deposit, also to better manage different types of licenses and embargoes
  • Support researchers in self-depositing, checking copyright and metadata
  • Create the appropriate promotion and advocacy material targeted to the different groups in your community
  • Advocate how Open Access contributes to raising impact. For example, see the Open Access Citation Advantage Service.
  • Host an event/s as part of Open Access Week
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