Open Data – resources and links

Open Access to primary research data is essential for innovation and efficiency in science. 

  • Beagrie, N. and Houghton J.W. (2014) The Value and Impact of Data Sharing and Curation: A synthesis of three recent studies of UK research data centres, Jisc. PDF (24 pages)
  • 2011 – Digital Curation Centre (DCC) – reports page. The Digital Curation Centre is the UK’s leading hub of expertise in curating digital research data. Anyone who can benefit from storing, managing and protecting digital data can turn to the DCC for expert advice and practical help. Effective data management throughout the research lifecycle will ensure that data will continue to work for you as productively as the research that produced them.
  • 2009 - Policy-making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide. A decision-making and planning tool for institutions with digital repositories that are considering adding research data to their digital collections. An output of the JISC-funded DISC-UK DataShare project
  • 2007 – OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding. These Principles and Guidelines are the outcome of a call by Science and Technology Ministers on the OECD in 2004, to develop a set of guidelines based on commonly agreed principles to facilitate cost-effective access to digital research data from public funding. They are intended to assist all actors involved when trying to improve the international sharing of, and access to, research data.
  • SPARC Global