Our work

Our work

Our work is focused on achieving Open Access. We believe we can do this best through:

  • Advocacy and education: we participate in workshops, conferences and advisory bodies, make presentations, and provide advocacy material on Open Access;
  • Working with policymakers: we work to influence Open Access policy development at national and European level; and
  • By networking: we work with other organisations to build effective networks of strong voices that can make change happen.

See the new SPARC Europe flyer for a short overview on what we believe in, who we are, and what we do.

Between 2014 and 2017 SPARC Europe will be focussing on implementing the Horizon 2020 policy in the EU’s member states in order to make OA work. It will mainly do this through 2 EU projects:

  • The PASTEUR4OA Project (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Research). Project start: Feb 2014, 30 months.
    One of the main aims of this project is to support the EC’s recommendation to Member States to implement policies that ensure Open Access to publicly-funded research. The project will promote policy alignment as a key element of good EU policy-making practice.
    PASTEUR4OA will address the known shortcomings and barriers to OA policy development in Europe by creating an evidence-based OA support-mechanism for Member States
    • developing a programme of network-building activities
    • creating expertise in Member States
    • engaging more with policy makers from both research institutions and funders using evidence-based advocacy tools, papers and events.
    SPARC Europe is one of 15 partners. Our key role is to help build a network of organisations and experts in all 28 Member States. We are already committed to co-ordinating this after the project’s end. We will also help develop advocacy materials to support policy alignment.
  • FOSTER (Facilitating Open Science Training for European Research). Project start: Feb 2014, 24 months.
    This project aims to prepare researchers from all disciplines for the implementation of the EC’s Digital Agenda, Open Access and the Open Data ambitions of Horizon 2020.
    SPARC Europe and 12 other partners will develop and provide a European-wide training programme including online training courses and material on Open Access and, to some extent, Open Data. It will closely collaborate with the OpenAIRE network.

Briefing papers
We have recently published 2 briefing papers on Open Access in the Social Sciences and Open Access in the Humanities. You can look forward to more briefing papers from us in the future here.

We are working hard to create change and need your help
  • We need more partners to create a stronger voice.
  • We need more members to work with us to develop our programme and put it into effect.
  • And we need the moral support that comes from a membership fully behind our actions for change.

Join us in our efforts by joining SPARC Europe today. Find out how, here.

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