Our work

Our work

SPARC Europe focuses its activities on influencing policy and policy development in Europe. Advocacy and information-gathering activities serve to accomplish more Openness to European research via:

  1. Policy development, e.g. supporting the development of the H2020 policy on Open Access, the Hague Declaration or the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science.
  2. Influencing European, national and local levels for more Open Scholarship in Europe, with a priority on Europe and National levels. E.g. See some of our advocacy work in Pasteur’s Advocacy Resources
  3. Advocacy, guidance, and tool and service development also in support of the implementation and monitoring of Open policies. For example, creating online tools such as the How Open is Your Research? or Europe’s Open Access Champions.
  4. European information-gathering and dissemination including sharing good practice and European experience.

If you’d like to see our strategy for 2016-2020, click here.

If you’d like to know more about SPARC Europe’s activities in 2015, download our annual report.

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