Our work

Our work

SPARC Europe clusters its work around 3 areas of activity.

  • Advocacy and support for Open Access at policy level
  • Collaborating internationally for greater European change
  • Informing the Open Access Community
1. Advocacy and support for Open Access at policy level

SPARC Europe engages with the European Commission, the European Parliament, universities and university associations to develop and argue the case for policies that further stimulate a more open and accessible Europe.

We worked hard to ensure that the Open Access policy for Horizon 2020 was well-formulated, for example.
SPARC Europe works to support legislative change that will lead to greater openness in scholarly communication. Currently, this means advocating for changes in copyright law that will enable easy and barrier-free re-use of scholarly materials.

2. Collaborating internationally for greater European change

One of our areas of focus is the implementation of the Horizon 2020 policy in EU Member States. We are active in two EU-funded projects that are working on this issue:

  • The PASTEUR4OA Project (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Research)
    This project aims to support the European Commission’s Recommendation to Member States to implement policies that ensure Open Access to publicly-funded research. PASTEUR4OA is addressing the known shortcomings and barriers to OA policy development in Europe by
    • developing a programme of network-building activities
    • creating further expertise in EU Member States
    • stepping up engagement with policy makers from both research institutions and funders
  • SPARC Europe is one of 15 project partners. Our key role is to help build a network of organisations and experts in all 28 Member States. We are also helping to develop advocacy events and materials to support policy alignment.

  • The FOSTER Project (Facilitating Open Science Training for European Research)
    This project aims to prepare researchers from all disciplines for the implementation of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe, and the Open Access and the Open Data ambitions of the Horizon 2020 policy.
    FOSTER and its project partners are facilitating and providing a Europe-wide training programme. It is bringing together European online training courses and material on Open Access and Open Data for the Open Science community – librarians, researchers, research administrators and project managers.
3. Informing the Open Access Community

SPARC Europe informs and assists the Open Access community about international developments and opportunities in an open and rapidly evolving scholarly communication environment by:

  • Producing advocacy materials, such as briefing papers and articles
  • Creating online tools such as the How Open is Your Research? or the Open Access Citation Advantage Service.
  • Running courses and workshops, attending conferences and developing networks to help share policy developments and advocacy experience with the international community to help drive Open Access forward.

We match our services with community needs by providing information services to increase knowledge and understanding about developments in OA – for example, the online Open Access Diary, which highlights policy and service developments across Europe

If you’d like to know more about SPARC Europe’s recent activities, download our recent report.

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