Outcomes and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries in a Changing Digital Landscape

September 15, 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia: This one-day seminar will approach two critical topics:
- Managing electronic resources during the transition to open access
- Economic aspects of using information resources and publishing in new circumstances

In basic terms, ROI, or return on investment, is the income – or value – pecreived as a result of an amount invested in a particular asset. So, in library terms ROI refers to the return on an organisation’s investment in its library. From the university management point of view, for instance, a reliable ROI would answer the question on how much quantifiable value the university received for every Euro it invested in the library. Many methods exist to measure such information.
However, there are even more complex possible outcomes, which cannot be directly measured using quantitative indicators, but mostly via the long-term quality assessment of their influence on study and research work output. This seminar will try to discover some of those outcomes, especially in the light of dynamical changes in the field of licensing models, technological development and pricing policies of STM publishers.


Keywords: Databases  Online content  Open Access  Publishing  Return on Investment

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