Polish Ministry of Administration & Digitization – great debate on open public resources!

The Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization started a debate about open public resources. They developed guidelines for the law and carried out the first wave of public consultation. On February 5, the first phase of consultation guidelines to the Act on the open resources formally ended. Now they will gradually meet various parties, discuss point by point and listen to voices from all sides.
In the course of this work, detailing all the inconsistencies, the Ministry will look for solutions to increase openness, excluding the primacy of the state. They will take part in the debate, cultural institutions, science and non-governmental organizations and ordinary citizens. Everything takes place on the internet with the help of the network tools. So this is an open debate in which there is no shortage of emotion.

Its position is also prepared Coalition for Open Education, which is the most powerful organization in Poland, focusing openess.


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