Public Library of Science Continues to Innovate

The Public Library of Science has added article-level metrics to all of its journals

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) has recently announced that ‘all seven PLoS journals will now provide online usage data for published articles. With this addition, the suite of metrics on PLoS articles now includes measures of: online usage; citations from the scholarly literature; social bookmarks; blog coverage; and the Comments, Notes and ‘Star’ ratings that have been made on the article.’ This development adds to the range of metrics that are available for each paper published by PLoS and will contribute to the wider debate on determining the value and quality of research outputs. (

PLoS continues to be one of the world’s most innovative journal publisher, a fact that was recognized recently by the receipt of the ALPSP Award for Publishing Innovation 2009 by PLoS One, described as ‘bold and successful and shaping the future of publishing.’ Congratulations to all at PLoS!

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