Opinions: blogs and websites about Scholarly Communication

Find a collection of dynamic, relevant and exciting  blogs that keep your mind and spirit up to date and awake.

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  • Digital Koans: A weblog that provides news and commentary on digital copyright, digital curation, digital repositories, open access, scholarly communication, and other digital information issues.
  • Digital Scholarship: This weblog gives a monthly update on official publications (so no blogging) about Scholarly Communications.
  • Open Access News: Peter Suber is the editor of Open Access News, the web’s most comprehensive site for open access news. Open Access News is essential reading for anybody wishing to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in open access.
  • Open and Shut?: UK freelance journalist Richard Poynder’s blog about IP, IT, the Internet, Open Access, Science and Research issues, amongst others.
  • Publish Open Access: A blog on open access publishing in Science, Technology and Medicine published by Carlos Vázquez
  • The Occasional Pamphlet: This blog presents occasional writings by Stuart Shieber, professor of computer science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, and director of the university’s Office for Scholarly Communications.Topics centre around whatever he is interested in at the moment, which could vary from scholarly communications and open access to other academic matters, computer science, language, linguistics, and computational linguistics, pedagogy or writing.
  • The Scholarly Kitchen: This blog was established to keep SSP members and interested parties aware of new developments in publishing; point to research reports and projects; to interpret the significance of relevant research in a balanced way (or occasionally in a provocative way); to suggest areas that need more input by identifying gaps in knowledge; to translate findings from related endeavours (publishing outside STM, online business, user trends) and to attract the community of STM information experts interested in these things and give them a place to contribute.
  • Transforming Scholarly Communication: a Blog: This blog, a service from the Minnesota University Libraries, provides updates concerning issues in scholarly communications and focuses on recent developments in the academic publishing world that have an impact on the literature which scholars and students have access to.
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