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  1. 29th Seminar of Higher Education Library Cooperative
  2. 6th UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar: Libraries As Drivers for Change, Brussels, 26-27 November 2012
  3. 7 institutional benefits to implementing an Open Access policy
  4. A new series of Webcasts for SPARC Europe members 2011
  5. Advocacy: How to hasten open access
  6. Analysis of funder Open Access policies around the world
  7. Article versions
  8. Big Deals - resources and links
  9. Citations and usage
  10. Citations and usage - links and resources
  11. Copyright & Licenses - links and resources
  12. Copyright and licenses
  13. Economics
  14. Economics - links and resources
  15. How Open is Your Research?
  16. How Open is Your Research? A Checklist for Institutions
  17. Hybrid Journals
  18. Institutional Repositories
  19. Institutional Repositories - links and resources
  20. Interviews
  21. Interviews about Key Open Access Policy Initiatives
  22. Lars Bjørnshauge challenged attendees to push for real change at the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference
  23. New Open Access Citation Advantage Service online
  24. New SPARC Europe service: The SPARC Europe Open Access Diary
  25. Now online: Presentations from SPARC Europe Session at the LIBER conference
  26. Now online: the Powerpoint of last week's Webcast on Article level metrics
  27. OA publishing - links and resources
  28. OA statements and declarations - links and resources
  29. Open Access - links and resources
  30. Open Access books
  31. Open Access news from France including the Minister of Higher Education and Research
  32. Open Access Policies - links and resources
  33. Open Access Services - links and resources
  34. Open Access to Publications and Research Integrity: Keys to Research Excellence in Europe and Globally - Press Release
  35. Open Data - resources and links
  36. Opinions: blogs and websites about Scholarly Communication
  37. PPT by Lars Bjørnshauge: Is participation really the problem? If so, participation in what?
  38. Presentations
  39. Presentations - Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures SC/SPARC Europe Joint Workshop
  40. Presentations - SPARC Europe Open Session 2013
  41. Preservation
  42. Preservation - resources and links
  43. Projects - links and resources
  44. Publication embargo
  45. Publisher deposit policies
  46. Publisher deposit policies - resources and links
  47. Publishers’ Content-Mining Policies and What Libraries Can Do
  48. Services and tools
  49. SPARC Europe at Public Hearing on Access to and Preservation of Scientific Data
  50. SPARC Europe marketing
  51. SPARC Europe responds to the UK House of Lords Select Committee for Science & Technology inquiry into the UK Government's policy on Open Access and its implementation by RCUK
  52. SPARC Europe response to EC Communication and Recommendation
  53. SPARC Europe response to the UK Government Department of Business, Innovation & Skills Committee inquiry into the UK Government's Open Access policy
  54. SPARC Europe's response to the Finch Report
  55. SPARC Europe's response to the inaccuracies in the article by the Daily Mail's City Editor on 18 June
  56. SPARC Europe's Second Response to the Members of the BIS Select Committee
  57. The latest advances in the promotion and implementation of OA policies in Italy
  58. The Open Access Citation Advantage Service
  59. The Open Access Citation Advantage: List of studies and results to date
  60. The Open Access Citation Advantage: Summary of results of studies
  61. The SPARC Europe Open Access Diary
  62. The UK House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Report on Open Access
  63. What it takes for the stakeholders involved to facilitate the full potential of open access to unfold!
  64. Written contributions
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