Significant New Deposit Mandates Announced

New mandates requiring researchers to make their papers available in open access have been announced in Belgium, Norway, and the UK

 A trend in 2009 has been the accelerated progress in institutions, funders, and governments adopting mandates that require researchers to make copies of their papers available in (green) open access.  In recent weeks we have seen announcements from:

  • Belgium: The four universities that make-up Académie universitaire Louvain now require their researchers to deposit.
  • Norway: Both the Norwegian Research Council and University of Bergen have adopted open access policies – showing the importance both funders and institutions place on the dissemination of research outputs
  • UK: UCL (ranked on of the world’s top ten universities) has announced its policy, voted for unanimously by faculty.

Details of all existing mandates can be found ROARMAP.

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