Fifth SPARC Europe Award to Honour Leaders in Field of Scholarly Communications goes to CERN

Awards 2010
Aarhus, Denmark, July 2nd, LIBER 39th Annual Conference

The 2010 SPARC-Europe Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications goes to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, for its comprehensive approach to Open Access, especially in respect of the SCOAP3 project.

Photographer Henrik Storgaard Sørensen

SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing) is an innovative Open Access initiative for publishing in high-energy physics.

SCOAP3 may be viewed as a model which

  • should guarantee full and open access to the authoritative versions of scholarly articles
  • has the potential to unlock big deals
  • puts the research community back in control by letting potential service providers (i.e. publishers) tender for publishing research results and thus
  • induces competition with the promise of price reductions, which should have an enormous impact on the existing system.

Rolf Heuer, CERN Director General, said:  “I am honoured by this prize which recognises our vision of Scholarly Communication. It is inspired by the same principles that our community has developed to tackle global scientific challenges: collaboration; consensus; innovation; openness; technology transfer and Open Access to knowledge”.

You can find the Director General speech at

In the past years CERN has booked several milestones towards her open access publication policy. Already in 2003 a policy document was issued in order to reinforce self-archiving by researchers.

In 2004 CERN signed the Berlin Declaration and in 2005 CERN’s policy on Open Access was approved which required researchers to deposit a copy of their published articles in an open access repository and encouraged them to publish in open access journals.

Dr. Salvatore Mele was in Aarhus yesterday, on behalf of CERN, where Bas Savenije, Chair of SPARC Europe, presented him the Award at the Aarhus State and University Library during the LIBER 39th Annual Conference.

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