SPARC Europe Members Meeting in Tartu

June 26, 2012
2:00 PM UTCto5:30 PM UTC
The SPARC Europe new team welcomes you to our first Members Meeting in Tartu during the LIBER conference. The meeting is open to all SPARC Europe and LIBER member institutions.
Come and learn what we are doing for you and why we need your support and at the same time get the new and most interesting developments on Open Access in EU and the UK and elsewhere.
We hope to see you there!
1. Information session – SPARC Europe issues:
a) Introducing the new SPARC Europe
  • Lars Bjørnshauge, Director of European Library Relations
  • Alma Swan, Director of European Advocacy,
  • Janna Wellander, Program officer for European Programs
b) Upcoming changes within SPARC Europe
  • Call for nominations for the SPARC Europe Board
  • New tiered membership fee model – making it possible for all European Libraries to contribute and participate
2. Presentations:
SPARC Global