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Evidence of rich Open Science and Scholarship activity in Europe

SPARC Europe conducted a preliminary study in late 2016 that gained insight into who is doing what in Europe in the areas of Open Science or Scholarship (OS).

A good number of significant institutions incl. the European Commission, Science Europe, the EUA, LIBER, the ERC, shared information on their partnerships, who they are targeting, with what kinds of activities and outputs, and with what personnel resources.

This preliminary work sketches the OS landscape in Europe. It identifies areas where Open Science / Scholarship organisations and several key projects are building strong capacities in a range of similar areas.

More work is needed to divulge where further collaboration makes sense and where efficiencies can be gained where there is a clear duplication of effort in specific activities, and where goals and audiences coincide.

For the results, download the report here.

Towards large-scale transition to Open Access

Ralf_Schimmer_privatSPARC Europe recently commissioned an opinion piece by Max Planck’s Ralf Schimmer on: Making moves towards the large-scale transition to Open Access.

He claims, among other things, that there are sufficient resources in the current publishing system to make the shift to OA financially viable. It makes for compelling reading.

We also invited several experts from the international scholarly communications community to comment on his paper to stimulate discussion. See more here.

Beate Eellend joins SPARC Europe Board of Directors

Beate Eellend joins SPARC Europe Board of was established at the National Library of Sweden in 2006. Since then the programme has been promoting and supporting open access mainly, but not exclusively, in cooperation with Swedish HEI’s and funding agencies. The programme is also acting as Swedish node in the EU-funded project OpenAIRE, which is but one example of our broad international network and collaboration.

In the strongly evolving transition towards open science, open access to publications and research data are fundamental parts in good company with citizen science, open educational resources, open source as well as responsible research metrics and evaluation. A global and fair transition towards open science needs to take place in strong collaboration between various stakeholders on national and international levels. Thus, open science frames international development towards a sustainable and democratic interaction between science and society.

In 2017 Sweden is expected to adopt national guidelines for open access to scientific information, including publications and research data. The Swedish Government has given the National Library of Sweden a national coordination task for open access to scientific publications. This task includes initiating and co-ordinating a number of further studies on how the Swedish transition to open access can be further strengthened and facilitated. As the future co-ordinator at the National Library for open access in Sweden I am honoured to be a member of the SPARC Europe Board and look forward to sharing and learning from experiences within the SPARC international network.

New SPARC Europe Director named

Social Media Portraits“As Chairman of the SPARC Europe Board of Directors, I am happy to announce that Vanessa Proudman is our new permanent director from 1 November 2016.

Vanessa has done good work for us for some years now in her capacity as Programme Manager. She has also been serving as SPARC Europe’s Interim Director for some months to the full satisfaction of the board who unanimously decided to offer her this position.

We are confident that with Vanessa heading our team, we will be well equipped to both continue the good work done by our former directors, Alma Swan and Lars Bjørnshauge, and to widen our scope into new areas of Open.”

Jan Erik Frantsvag

Sustaining OA services for the future

RootsLast week, SPARC Europe convened a meeting with a number of high-level stakeholders from the international funding, research and library communities to discuss how to sustain some of the world’s important OA services.

All participants agreed that introducing a new mechanism to fund some of the essential services that underpin policy was important. We are now in the process of exploring what this mechanism could look like and coming up with terms of reference. We are also preparing supporting documentation for decision-makers to see when the first phase of funding could begin.

After extensive essential preparatory work led by Knowledge Exchange, e.g. best concluded in the Putting Down Roots report, SPARC Europe now looks forward to facilitating exploring the feasibility of the proposal and how to put this into action with leading decision-makers and Open Science advocators worldwide including LIBER, EIFL, European University Association (EUA), The European Research Council (ERC), Science Europe, the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG), Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL), and SPARC (US).
We look forward to updating you with more in months to come!

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