What are you doing for Open Access week this year (2013)?

Whether your events are focused on getting faculty and students informed on Open Access Issues or if you want to promote Open Access projects your campus has begun, start planning and posting your events now to get maximum participation!
The theme this year is “Redefining Impact”. What does that mean for your institution? See what groups are doing with Article Level Metrics to change the way scholarly communication is measured by reading the SPARC Innovator article on the creators of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) for ex.
To help you start planning watch the SPARC Webcast with Brian Glanz on Hackathon’s. You could build an event around a simple Hack.
Play these resource videos at or build your event around them:
Livestream (or show the recorded) Kickoff event at the World Bank on Monday October 21st. Speakers will soon be announced.
Watch the Right to Research’s PhD Comics “Open Access Explained” video Link:
Watch Jack Andraka explain how Open Access to research allowed him to discover breakthrough diagnostic for pancreatic cancer.
Join a group here to get more ideas or see what others are planning.
Let us know if you need any other ideas. Use the resources on the Open Access Week website.
We’re looking forward to an engaging and lively Open Access Week 2013!
If you have questions or wish to have more information, please contact Andrea Higginbotham.

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