The Coronavirus and Open Science: Our reads and Open use cases

As many of us find ourselves working from home we would like to suggest some pertinent reading connecting work on Open Science with COVID-19. Scores of blog posts and articles which demonstrate the value of Open at this time are being written.
I would in particular like to thank Peter Suber and his Open Access Tracking Project (OATP): a service we have been feeding and using for some time now. It is a vital source of news from across the world on Open research and education. OATP is crowd-sourced and updated in real time.
We have used this invaluable resource combined with our own research to create this curated collection of blogs, articles, news on calls to action and key open resources that showcase how open science supports COVID-19.

We had to stop adding to this at the end of March. If you want to follow more on COVID-19 and Open, go to OATP here

How to use this resource

For those wanting to read about how Open Science leaders and thinkers consider how Open Science is serving to help solve the COVID-19 pandemic and what more needs to be done, the Open Access to research section is for you.
To see how the funders, governments, libraries and research communities are advocating for more access to information to support research through formal calls to action, we have gathered key initiatives calling for change in the Calls to Action section.
If you want to know what publishers are doing to unlock access to some of their materials see the dedicated section.
Last but not least, see the range of resources, e.g. datasets and tools created using Open Science organised by type of output for OS practitioners and researchers working on COVID-19.
Note that this collections was made in late March early April; it does not include all developments since then.

Open Access to research (for research resources, see below)

Open Education

Calls to Action (in chronological order)

Publisher special offers

Open Research

Open Access Publications

Datasets and data tools to fight Corona

Let us know if we’ve missed an essential resource and we’ll add it. Mail us at

These links were collected throughout March 2020.