Going into fourth gear: SCOSS launches its 4th pledging round

22nd November 2022News, Open Access, Open Data, Open Science

The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS), a part of SPARC Europe, has successfully supported three pledging rounds for Open Science Infrastructures (OSIs) helping them secure a sustainable future.

After a rigorous evaluation process, SCOSS has chosen organisations which will be part of its 4th round. We are happy to welcome Dryad, LA Referencia and ROR on board!

  1. Dryad

Dryad is an international data publishing platform and community committed to the open availability and routine reuse of all research data. We’re enthusiastic about the potential for communicating and using research data to help accelerate discovery through open science.

Dryad publishes research data across domains and is a powerful conduit for data that doesn’t have a home with a specialist repository. We publish only research data and work in collaboration with Zenodo to facilitate open publication of associated software and supplementary information. 

Our publishing process is fully curated: our team of curators reviews each dataset for inclusion of required metadata (such as field of science, institution and funding affiliation) and descriptive metadata that facilitates downstream discovery and reuse (such as keywords and abstract). They check that every dataset may be opened with readily available software and that there is a readme file to guide future users seeking to build upon it. 

  1. LA Referencia

LA Referencia is the Federated Network of Latin American Open Science Repositories and provides some essential elements for the development of the international Open Science ecosystem. It was founded 10 years ago and brings together twelve countries along with RedCLARA, our regional research and education network.

We provide a tool that facilitates the international harvesting, validation, and enrichment of metadata from repositories. It offers value-added services and responds to the interoperability challenges of the new OpenAIRE guidelines. This tool is increasingly being adopted outside of Latin America (Spain, Portugal, Africa). It addresses the growing need for integration with research management systems (CRIS) and aims to produce statistics to serve national decision-makers when evaluating research.

By supporting LA Referencia, you will help us develop new services such as a decentralised, sustainable and global persistent identifier service based on blockchain and extend the current usage statistics service to other infrastructures/regions contributing to a more equitable international publishing system.

  1. ROR 

ROR is a global, community-led registry of open persistent identifiers for research organizations. The ROR registry includes unique IDs and metadata for 100,000+ research organizations around the world. Registry data is CC0 and available for anyone to use and integrate via a REST API and data dump.

ROR provides an open and community-driven solution to the problem of identifying affiliations in research and connecting them via open scholarly infrastructure to research outputs and researchers. Organization records are curated through an open community process and registry updates are released on a rolling basis. ROR IDs are integrated in a growing set of systems and services to disambiguate organization names and facilitate more efficient identification of affiliations and tracking of research associated with a given institution. 

By supporting ROR, you are helping to ensure that ROR’s open infrastructure for identifying research affiliations can be freely and openly available to research stakeholders worldwide to track research outputs and connect knowledge.

We hope that you will consider contributing to one, two, or all three of these carefully chosen Open Science Infrastructures.  Let’s work together to build a healthy Open Science ecosystem!

Watch the Two-Minute Pitches to learn more about each organisation:

Dryad (

LA Referencia (



Please read more about how to pledge here ( 

And Bianca Kramer will help you with any questions you might have!