New Open Education Strategy published

29th January 2024News, Open Education

LIBRARIANS AS AGENTS OF CHANGE: New SPARC Europe strategy for Open Education 2024-2026

We are pleased to announce a new Open Education strategy for 2024-2026, Librarians as Agents of Change. We will support Higher Education policymakers, librarians, ambassadors and facilitators of OE in Europe to implement the UNESCO OER Recommendations using a targeted and action-oriented approach. With this strategy, we aim to make the many connections between Open Science policy and Open Education ever clearer to both policymakers and academic institutions. 

Our mission to support these stakeholders also seeks to enable the conditions, foster and catalyse the opportunities presented by Open Access and Open Science to maximise the access to, creation, reuse and adaptation of Open Educational Resources (OER), Practices (OEP), services and infrastructure for all and seek to sustain those. We do this whilst respecting and favouring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to reflect and meet local needs.

Our five goals going forward are to

  • Support OE policy development and encourage investment in OE 
  • Raise awareness of the value of OE, OER and OEP and stimulate action
  • Advocate for the recognition and reward of OE
  • Build capacity and upskill librarians to become even more effective in supporting OE
  • Facilitate DEI-rich OEP across all corners of Europe.

This strategy was developed through a process of close, sustained collaboration with members of the European Network of Open Education Librarians. We are very grateful to those members of ENOEL who participated in setting goals and priorities for this OE strategy. We look forward to continuing to work together to make it more of a standard practice to create educational resources, services and practices that are accessible, open and reusable.

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