New case study examines two leading Open Data policy drivers

28th March 2018News

In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the development of Open Data policies in Europe. But the content and nature of these varies greatly, as evidenced in our analysis of Open Data policies.

With today’s release of a new briefing, Data management. Learning from the innovators: 2 leading funders compared, produced in partnership with the Digital Curation Center (DCC), we are shining a light on two examples of data management leaders.

In best case scenarios, well-framed policy has the potential to profoundly impact Open Data practices, even transform them. This is the case with the Wellcome Trust; their efforts continue to drive growth in access to published research papers, year after year.

Similarly, the European Commission has been a collaborative innovator with its Horizon 2020 policy on OA and its Open Data Research Pilot, which has been a catalyst in the development of Open Research policies throughout Europe.

What you will find in the report: a review of “the Wellcome policy on data, software and materials management and sharing” and an examination of the European Commission’s Open Research Data pilot, “drawing common threads and indicating future policy directions.”

See the report in full.