Below, the newsletter shared with SPARC Europe supporters via email in February 2017. The newsletter format and design were updated the following month.

SPARC Europe’s Strategic Plan for 2020

SPARC Europe is pleased to announce that it has developed the foundations of a strategic plan for SPARC Europe for 2020. This document has just been endorsed by the SPARC Europe Board and we would like to share this with you first. Supporter and SPARC Europe Board input has fed into the development of this document. In addition, we have also conducted studies into current international Open Access and Open Science advocacy efforts. We have also listened to funders, policy makers and library stakeholder opinions across Europe on areas for further development in the areas of Open Access and Open Science. All these elements have influenced SPARC Europe’s future direction and this effort has concluded in a new vision, mission and value proposition for SPARC Europe in the coming years. In short: We will be striving to make Open the default. See our strategy outlined here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Europe’s Open Access Champions

Next month we will go live with the new SPARC Europe service Europe’s Open Access Champions, which a number of you have been involved with. You can look forward to seeing a range of university presidents/rectors/chancellors, professors, senior and young researchers sharing their views on Open Access from a range of countries and disciplines.

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