SPARC Europe publishes monthly newsletters to keep our members apprised of our efforts to advance an “Open” agenda in Europe. These digital publications are delivered via email and archived here for reference.


August 2018: A new effort to learn about Open Access and Open Science reward and incentive systems being employed by European research funding organisations is about to get underway; a new tool to help organisations evaluate their RDM efforts is set to launch soon; global support for SCOSS continues to grow as a promising milestone is met; a new Open Science policy development case study is available for download; and a mid-year progress report on SPARC Europe. 

June 2018: A progress update on our copyright reform efforts; the launch of a new Open Education Librarian Network; find out the theme of this year’s International Open Access Week; a special discount is being offered SPARC Europe members interested in funding an OpenCon 2018 scholarship; and SPARC Europe to present at the LIBER 2018 Annual Conference. 

May 2018: A winner is announced in the first ever Data Engagement Management Award competition; an invitation to help us identify Europe’s Open Education champions; and a reminder to participate in our member survey.  

April 2018: A request for you to take the 2018 SPARC Europe (brief) survey; our ongoing campaign to influence European Copyright Reform gains the attention of Nature News, floating the idea of a new Open Education Network for Librarians, the inaugural SCOSS newsletter is published, and results of a brainstorming session listing community-identified knowledge gaps regarding Author Rights is released.

March 2018: A live, working document with policy ideas for rewarding people and institutions that engage in open data practices; a new briefing paper that examines the policies of two Open Data innovators; an update on the fast-growing SCOSS network of funders; and an invitation to join us at the Creative Commons Global Summit 2018.

February 2018: Policy Advisor Ásta Helgadóttir offers a glimpse of where negotiations around EU copyright reform currently stand; an updated analysis of Open Data policies in Europe reveals new activity around existing data policies in multiple countries; a welcome to new SPARC Europe Board Vice-Chair Mr. Ignasi Labastida i Juan; and an update on the rapidly-growing SCOSS network.

January 2018Delivery of the SPARC Europe 2017 Annual Report.


December 2017: An update to our report analysing Open Data and Open Science policies in Europe; a new Data Management Engagement Award launches; SPARC Europe’s board prepares to welcome four new members; and our executive director is interviewed by The Times Higher Education.

November 2017: SCOSS makes its first funding appeal to the international academic and research communities; our Open Data Champions programme launches; an update on the recent Engaging Researchers event co-organized by SPARC Europe, University of Cambridge and Jisc; and a reminder to vote in the latest election of new SPARC Europe board members.

October 2017: We are seeking nominations to fill four open seats on the SPARC Europe Board; keeping up the pressure with our lobbying efforts regarding EU copyright reform; an invitation to check out our latest report on Open Research Data practices; and an update on a recent survey to better understand usage of the SPARC Author Addendum.

September 2017: An update on our copyright reform efforts; a presentation given by SPARC Europe’s director at the recent Annual Danish Professional Research and Education LIbraries Conference;  a few words about The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services, and a newly released Open Data Policy Case Study.

August 2017: Recalling the recent SPARC Europe Members Meeting; a new SPARC Europe paper to help guide OER policy discussions; word of an upcoming RDM conference; and an alert about our stand against potential, upcoming EU copyright reform.

June 2017: Reports from a high-level RISE expert gathering; a look forward to the upcoming Members Meeting and joint SPARC Europe/LIBER workshop; an appeal for feedback on the SPARC Author Addendum; an announcement about upcoming OPENCon 2017; and our monthly Curated News Digest.

May 2017: A new report that offers a brand new analysis of European Open Data and Open Science policies; an invitation to the SPARC Europe Members Meeting in Patras; an announcement about OpenCon; and the debut of the SPARC Europe Curated News Digest.

April 2017: An invitation to a joint LIBER-SPARC workshop in July; a new Open Data briefing paper targeting institutional managers; some of our impressions from OER17; and a question for you, our members.

March 2017: A briefing paper on the citation advantage of Open Data, the latest overview of Open Data and Open Science policy in Europe; a new Open Science coalition launches; and SPARC Europe gets a new website.

February 2017An invitation to preview the SPARC Europe Strategic Plan for 2020 and an announcement about the launch of Europe’s Open Access Champions.