SPARC Europe publishes new strategy 2021-2024

28th January 2021News, Open Access, Open Data, Open Education, Open Science

SPARC Europe’s new strategy continues to strive to make Open research and education the default for the Higher Education community, research, education, industry, and society as a whole.

We will dedicate the next four years to developing a more equitable, diverse, sustainable and Open Science and Education ecosystem. We will expand our advocacy efforts for a more Open Europe; we will continue necessary international and national policy development, and our research will inform the path ahead. We will also expand activities in the area of reimagining the way that Open research is rewarded and incentivised. Above all, we will showcase and stimulate diversity and inclusion in the dissemination of research and education to enable all those who wish to adhere to Open research and education to do so.

Our latest strategy was developed by the SPARC Europe Board in consultation with key partners and SPARC Europe’s libraries.

The goals are to:

  • Strengthen Open Access, Open Scholarship/Open Science, and Open Education policy in Europe, and align where possible
  • Advocate for Open in research and education
  • Strive to enable more equity in Open so that all those who wish to publish and share research and education resources openly are better enabled to do so
  • Promote diversity in publishing Open research and education
  • Raise the impact of publicly-funded research by reimagining the way that Open research is rewarded and incentivised
  • Help sustain the Open infrastructure/service ecosystem

In keeping with these goals, we will implement the new strategy by carrying out activities such as: tracking developments in Open Science and Open Education and sharing good practices and experiences; stimulating the implementation of FAIR; encouraging change in copyright and open licensing practices to encourage the re-use and impact of research and education; identifying and promoting paths to reward and incentivise Open; and exploring how to better sustain OS infrastructure and help mobilise funds for it.

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