New Project. DIAMAS, building capacity for OA diamond publishing

30th September 2022News, Open Access, Open Science

The institutional OA diamond publishing sector can be challenged by fragmentation; its visibility can be limited, its service of varying quality, and its sustainability is not always secure. A new European Commission-funded project, DIAMAS, aims to build capacity amongst institutional publishers in Europe to address some of these challenges. It will run for 30-months and started on 1 September with 23 partners collaborating. SPARC Europe is one of the project’s partners.

We are proud to lead the workpackage (WP) on Exploring and supporting the sustainability of institutional publishing. This WP has over 10 partners with over 40 person months dedicated to this vital topic. We look forward to empowering Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs) to financially sustain OA diamond operations by providing intelligence and by building capacity on financial models.

We also head the project’s engagement task where we will strategically engage with the key stakeholders of the project. This includes research organisations and their libraries, scholarly societies, OA diamond publishers and their service providers, funding bodies, policymakers as well as citizens. This task is essential to gain a better understanding of the sector and to collaborate and onboard OA diamond institutional publishing service providers to build capacity in this important area. We will leverage the strong partners of the project to reach many organisations.

Read the project press release

(Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash)