Reimagining Academic Career Assessment: Stories of innovation and change

1st January 2021Events
Location: Online
Date: 25-02-2021,-dora-and-sparc-europe-joint-webinar-%E2%80%9Creimagining-academic-career-assessment-stories-of-innovation-and-change%E2%80%9D.html

EUA, DORA and SPARC Europe are organising a joint webinar of 1.5 hours starting at 2pm to discuss practical steps in reimagining academic career assessment. These institutional- and national-level initiatives serve to inspire and identify emerging pathways of change.

The webinar will present the main findings from case studies that have been collected in an online repository and published in the report “Reimagining Academic Career Assessment: Stories of innovation and change”. A discussion of the findings and a Q&A session with the audience will focus on what can be learned from the experience of the universities and national consortia that have developed and implemented more responsible academic career assessment approaches.