Showcasing Europe’s Open Access champions

22nd October 2015News, Open Access

SPARC Europe and some of its members would like to announce that it will be showcasing some of Europe’s Open Access champions in the coming months.

In addition to more Open Access policy implementation in Europe, we believe that continuing to change hearts and minds in our academic communities is important.

For this reason, we will be sharing some of the stories of Europe’s Open Access champions to stimulate more advocacy in our academic communities:

What motivates them? How are they spreading the OA word? What are their challenges? What’s their advice to other champions?
How do we involve them and keep them engaged, and what makes a good champion?

You can expect stories from a range of different types of OA leaders, from Deans to Heads of Dept or Research to administrators from 8 countries.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: