SPARC Europe and LIBER joint workshop reaps results

9th August 2017News, Open Access, Open Data, Open Science

In connection with the annual LIBER conference, SPARC Europe and LIBER recently joined forces to run a workshop titled Bridging the Gap between Policy and Practice: How do we make Open the Default? The event was held last month in Patras.

Four key challenge areas pertaining to policy implementation were the focus of the workshop. SPARC Europe managed the session on How institutions can engage more with researchers to enable more Open Access and Open Data sharing.

More than 20 participants from across Europe contributed to a lively discussion of ideas and experiences on the topic.  Among the various approaches mentioned: involving researchers in publisher negotiations, better informing them of costs, creating competitions to acquire new use case ideas and to advocate for more open data, using researchers as ambassadors or champions, informing and engaging at various creative events and collaborating with them to simplify their work processes.

For a full overview of ideas gathered during the session, download our mind map.