Transposing the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market: A guide for libraries and library associations 

29th November 2019News, Open Access

Earlier this week, organisations representing libraries across Europe launched guidance on the transposition of the European Union’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market in Member States. The goal is to provide essential background to libraries, library associations, researchers and others involved in national discussions about the new rules, the choices that will need to be made, and goals that libraries can adopt to implement the directive effectively in their countries.

The guidelines have been created jointly by EBLIDA, IFLA, LIBER and SPARC Europe, and cover 12 of the Articles in the Directive, looking at text and data mining, education, preservation, contracts and technological protection measures, out-of-commerce works, works of visual art in the public domain, press publishers rights and platform liability.

In each case, the guidelines set out what the Article is about, what the new provisions mean, where there is room for flexibility, what a good implementation would look like and suggests improvements that can be made if there is desire to go further.

The guidance is intended purely for the library and research community, and so is not openly available on the internet. In the light of the debate at the European level, discussions nationally may also be difficult, thus it is important to be able to use and disclose the ideas and arguments made when it works best for national campaigns.  

The guidelines are available from a secure page. Access will be granted to librarians, library associations, academics and research organisations interested in working to promote an implementation of the Directive that delivers a positive result for libraries. Please share the relevant information on the page so that we can verify your affiliation and interests.