Ukraine, We stand with you

2nd March 2022News

The SPARC Europe team is deeply affected by the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are concerned for the lives, well-being and security of our colleagues and the people of Ukraine. 

We stand with our European governments and colleagues in facilitating access to knowledge and truth, which some authoritarian regimes are trying to distort. It is vital to embrace and safeguard diversity, equity and inclusion in Europe. We must above all defend democracy. 

Friends and colleagues of Ukraine, be sure that we stand strong with you to uphold these values. 

We call on governments and other leaders to do their utmost to reinstate peace and security for all those who reside in or are connected to the people and State of Ukraine. 

We sincerely hope that by so many standing stronger together now, we can look forward to a stronger future! 

2 March 2022