Taking concrete steps to make Open Access the default

Continuing the push to make Open the default demands a multi-dimensional approach that takes into consideration the various stakeholders, from policy-makers to individual researchers. At present, our work is defined by four strategies:

  • Influencing Europe’s Open Science and Scholarship decision-makers and scholars to strengthen Open Science policy across Europe, at universities, research institutions, funders and research assessment bodies. For example, see our work here on influencing the Proposal for a European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

  • Helping support and strengthen the Open Science and Scholarship support community in Europe by highlighting and addressing gaps and overlaps in the European Open Science offering and by helping sustain some of the world’s essential OS services. See more on SCOSS here.

  • Providing advocacy, guidance, tools and services to help speed up the implementation and monitoring of open policies through cultural change programmes such as its Champions Programme, or by providing tools and outputs to support research leaders / managers and funders in their move towards more openness in research.

  • Bringing Open Science good practice and experience to more in Europe. Highlighting some of Europe’s strong policy and action to policy makers and advocates from research institutions and their libraries, as well as funders and research assessment bodies.

Find out what action you can take for more Open Access here.