How Open Are You?


How Open is Your Research? A Checklist for Institutions

This checklist is designed to enable research institutions to assess quickly the openness of their research and teaching outputs. It covers the whole process of undertaking and disseminating scholarly and scientific research, and teaching, including for instance the adoption or development of, and adherence to, policies and strategies.

Scoring is either yes/no or on a percentage scale, where 0% signifies no compliance or implementation and 100% signifies full compliance or implementation. For each section the scores are totalled and expressed as a percentage indicating the extent of openness. An overall institutional visualisation is given as a radar chart.

1. Policies and strategies – external

Identify relevant declarations and policies applying to the country, region or internationally, and score your institution’s compliance in terms of percentage of the total number.

Compliance with supra-national policies (e.g. the EU’s Horizon 2020 policy)
Compliance with national policies (e.g. funders)
Compliance with domain policies


2. Policies and strategies – internal


3. Text repository

Metrics services, displaying:


4. Data repository


5. Open educational resources (OER)

Percentage of courses that are OA


6. Open research


7. Publishing

Annual percentage of journal articles published that are OA
Annual percentage of conference papers published that are OA
Annual percentage of monographs published that are OA
Annual percentage of theses and dissertations that are OA
Annual percentage of reports that are OA


8. Licensing


9. Institutional programme on openness


10. Archives


11. Culture, mission, practice


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