Open Access brings opportunities to various stakeholders

  • Libraries form the ultimate locus for pushing out the case for Open Access and address to universities, funders, research institutes and publishers. Librarians often manage the Institutional Repositories and they know which Open Access Journals are worth promoting to their research communities.
  • Public and national libraries are stakeholders of Open Access as well.
  • Recommendations for libraries
Universities and research institutions
Funding agencies
  • International, national and local funding agencies can implement Open Access policies in their grant agreements. This may mean grant recipients have to deposit a final version of the article in an Institutional Repository and it may mean grant recipients can get Open Access publication costs reimbursed.
  • Recommendations for funders
  • Open Access Publishers are committed to new ways of making publishing business.
  • For toll-gate publishers the transition to Open Access requires a new way of pursuing business.
  • Recommendations for publishers