Taking action to make Data Open

Our efforts around Open Data centre on arming policy-makers with the information they need, providing much-needed guidance on multiple fronts – and addressing the cultural issues that create barriers. More specifically, this involves:

  • Conducting research in the European Open Science policy arena to inform Europe’s Open Science policy makers of policy developments in Open Data and Open Science concerning research data in Europe
  • Producing Open Data case studies for re-use by both research data advocates and Open Science / Scholarship policy-makers
  • Providing guidance to research performing organisations, their libraries, data supporters and senior management through briefings on topics such as evidence in the open data citation advantage, how to use open data policy to increase research efficiency or the role of Open Data in research integrity
  • Helping to stimulate cultural change in research institutions through SPARC Europe’s champions programme, and through a new showcase : Europe’s Open Data Champions, based on Europe’s Open Access Champions

We are doing this in co-operation with the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) in the UK.

For some of our key Open Data outputs, see here.