Open Education

Education is key to bettering our world and empowering our future generations of leaders, thinkers, and doers. Our educational systems are built to provide each person the opportunity to build a better life—for the individual, and for society as a whole—by turning children into citizens, learners into teachers, employees into skilled team members.

Expanding educational opportunities is more possible now than ever before.

Online resources provide students and educators with infinite educational materials that can be accessed and disseminated worldwide for a marginal cost. And in the age of COVID, this ease-of-access is proven critical to maintaining those educational opportunities for all.

However, educational resources available are held captive by legacy publishing models that actively restrict the dissemination and innovative use of resources in a world that craves educational opportunities. As both print and virtual textbook prices continue to soar, students around the world are struggling to access the materials they need to succeed and are met with high costs and limited access rights.

For too long, academic materials have remained in the hands of a disconnected system that fails to take hold of the technological opportunities available. The movement for Open Education and OER, through 21st Century technological possibilities, seeks to bridge the access gaps between students, educators, and academia.

The benefits of Open Education are clear.

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