The European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL)

ENOEL is a community of academics from across Europe who share educational values and advocate for Open Education (OE). Established in 2018, the network encourages and facilitates the exchange of ideas with peers, and values learning from one another to drive Open Education possibilities forward.

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Active projects

Mission and vision

The ENOEL community is constantly growing. Educators and academics from around the world continue to show an increased interest in the OE movement. Together we are taking action to foster the development of policy to support and expand Open Educational Resources (OER).

Our long-term vision aims to recognize libraries in Higher Education as key trusted partners in making Europe’s educational resources and practices open and accessible to all.

Our mission is to support Europe’s Higher Education librarians, ambassadors, and facilitators of Open Education, in alignment with The UNESCO OER Recommendation. We seek to enable the conditions and opportunities to maximize access, use, and reuse of Open Educational Resources for all, whilst respecting and favouring diversity, affordability and equity to meet local needs.


Open Education Strategy 2024-2026 ImageIn ENOEL we work together. In 2023 we created a 3 year strategy to guide our work.

The ENOEL network helped develop our strategy; and they will help deliver on it.

Key Activities

In ENOEL we share. Each member comes with unique skills, expertise, knowledge and perspective. We encourage and celebrate diversity of voices through a variety of events and programmes.

Open Education in Libraries of Higher Education, 2023 report

This report summarises the results of our annual survey of European libraries on Open Education (OE) and Open Education Resources (OER) prepared by SPARC Europe. It was done in consultation with the European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL).

Read the report here.

Insights into developments in European Open Education institutional policymaking

This report investigates the question of how Open Education (OE) policymaking can shape the future of European Higher Education. Discover what's driving the OE policy movement forward and the barriers holding it back. This report is designed to provide an accessible summary for those considering whether to develop a policy of their own, setting out some of the different approaches across Europe.

Read the report here.

Open Education Champions

In this interview series, key advocates discuss the importance of Open Education and share their experiences creating and facilitating Open Educational Resources.

Read interviews here and Watch video interviews here

OE Café

The European Network of Open Education Librarians continues talking to our OE experts: students, teachers, advocates, and researchers who help makes OER and OEP the default in European Higher Education institutions. We discuss the UNESCO OER Recommendation and compelling related topics for the OE community, focusing on the librarians' active role.

Watch them here

“Embrace the Open” workshop series

This series aims to help librarians and other practitioners learn more about the basics of open education and then dive deeper into the action-based experiences of ENOEL members, who facilitate and share their expertise. The recordings are collected in a playlist on ENOEL’s YouTube channel; workshop plans and educational materials are available in the SPARC Europe Collection on Zenodo.

Watch here.

Open Mic podcast

This ENOEL podcast series is dedicated to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources, OER. Each bite is dedicated to one of the five action areas of the UNESCO OER Recommendation. We keep them short and digestible: a delicious bite of Open Education for you!

Listen here.


An ENOEL toolkit: Open Education Benefits

The toolkit aims to help raise awareness of the importance of Open Education, and it points out benefits for four stakeholder groups: students, teachers, institutions, and society at large. The community is currently working on translating the toolkit into multiple languages. The ENOEL members have localised the Toolkit in 18 language versions so far.

It features reusable and adaptable templates for cards, slides, and leaflets.

Download here.


OE learning path for librarians

In collaboration with colleagues from across Europe and beyond, librarians in the network work to curate a collection of existing Open Education resources. The collection provides a helpful guide for those who want to learn more about Open Education and identify available resources for educators, researchers, and students.

Access the learning path here.


Resources for librarians & Open Education enthusiasts

Members of the ENOEL community collaboratively create resources and collect links to key documents that can support librarians and OE advocates. Our Wakelet page, curated by the ENOEL members, gathers meticulously selected content related to OER, OE policies, OE support, and OE research results. Our librarians are constantly updating the resources and adding new links.

Access the Wakelet page here.


If you are interested in exploring more ENOEL resources, take a look at the SPARC Europe Collection on Zenodo:
You can find all our recorded events on the @ENOELforOpen YouTube Channel:

Related networks

In ENOEL we collaborate. We partner with national and international networks to stimulate the implementation of the Open Education Agenda, including Creative Commons, ICDE, LIBER, OE Global, SPARC NA, and the Network of Open Orgs, and many others.


If you have questions or would like to join the network, please contact Paola Corti, OE Community Manager at: