Key OER benefits

  • Save costs for learners.
    The price of textbooks has skyrocketed more than three times the rate of inflation for decades. Students face steep price tags for textbooks or use out of date books because they are too expensive. Using OER solves this problem because the material is free online, affordable in print, and can be saved forever. Resources that would otherwise go to purchasing textbooks can be redirected toward technology, improving instruction, or reducing debt.

  • Students learn more when they have access to quality materials.
    The rapidly rising cost of textbooks in higher education has left many students without access to the materials they need to succeed. Studies show that 93% of students who use OER do as well or better than those using traditional materials, since they have easy access to the content starting day one of the course.

  • Technology holds boundless potential to improve teaching and learning.
    Open Education ensures that teachers, learners and institutions can fully explore this potential. Imagine an online History textbook with the latest news from recent elections, or imagine a lecture attended by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, or a peer-to-peer exchange between students learning Mandarin with Chinese students learning English. All of this and more is possible when the pathways for technology in education are fully open.

  • Better education means a better future.
    Education is the key to advancing society’s greatest goals, from a building a strong economy to leading healthy lives. By increasing access to education and creating a platform for more effective teaching and learning, Open Education benefits us all.

For further OE benefits consult An ENOEL Toolkit here.