SPARC Europe is one of Europe’s key and long-standing voices advocating for unfettered access to research and education — for the academic and education community; for the whole of society.

More openness in research, we believe, will lead to an accelerated rate of discovery in academia and in the private sector, and of learning at every strata of education.

SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) Europe is a Dutch foundation comprised of a diverse body of academic institutions, library consortia, funding bodies, research institutes and some publishers, among others; all committed to delivering on the promise of open access, open science, open scholarship and open education.

Over the past fifteen years, as support for open access and open science has grown, so too have the number of organisations working in a myriad of ways to advance and deliver on the various aspects of OA. We actively pursue opportunities to partner and collaborate with many of these — from LIBER to IFLA, EUA to Science Europe. Our network is broad and expanding.

Our vision

Driving to make more research and education accessible to all, and striving to make Open the default in Europe: For the academic community, education, industry, and for society.

Our mission

To provide leadership to Europe’s research community to enable the conditions, opportunities and rights for more access to Europe’s research for all.

Our strategy

Our strategy gives an in-depth look at who our target groups are, what we stand for, and what comprise our key goals and activities until 2020. If you want to know more, see how we are thinking.

Our work

Our work plan is divided up into 4 programme areas that are highly focussed on policy-making, advocacy and knowledge exchange activities.

Annual Reports

For a review of our previous years’ work, see our Annual Reports.