You did it! Over 4 million euros pledged to OS infrastructure

1st April 2022News, Open Science

After the generous pledge to DOAB and OAPEN, PKP, and OpenCitations last year, several institutional members and customers of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries have now pledged funding to three services currently being promoted by SCOSS:  arXiv, Redalyc/AmeliCA and DSpace and to two infrastructures from the SCOSS Pilot cycle: DOAJ and Sherpa Romeo. Over the next three years, the support will total 57.750 euros for arXiv, 47.250 euros to Redalyc/AmeliCA, 57.750 euros to DSpace, 88.357,50 euros to DOAJ, and 136.500 euros to Sherpa Romeo, for a combined total of nearly 388.000 euros. The Swiss Academic Libraries consortium pledge from Switzerland helped SCOSS reach a major milestone. 

Susanne Aerni, Head of Consortial Services, Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, commented on the pledge:

For some years now, Swiss institutions have been supporting the funding cycles of SCOSS. We are pleased that the Swiss institutions have yet again pledged additional funds in the latest funding cycle, thus continuing their commitment to support the development and maintenance of a good infrastructure for Open Access and Open Science.

The Swiss contribution pushed the total funds gathered through SCOSS for OS Infrastructure over a 4 million euro threshold. This exceptional accomplishment shows the growing commitment of the research community to sustain the Open. More than 300 institutions from 24 countries have contributed to achieving this milestone over the years, and we could not be more grateful to them for their support.  

We would like to express our gratitude to all pledgers in this short thank you video:

We still need you though. Help support the long-term sustainability of all SCOSS infrastructures.  

Learn more about how you can pledge here: